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Zoll® AED Plus® Defibrillators

Zoll Aed Plus Defibrillators Aed Plus Package #1 Cpr

AED Plus has 3 ways to get you vital information through pictures, voice prompts and a large backlit screen that has a graphical representation of your CPR performance and other critical information

AED Plus takes the Rescuers Memory out of the Rescue so they don’t have to rely on recall of critical training

IP55 Rating

The Only AED on the market with Real CPR Help that measures your CPR depth and rate of compressions and provides immediate feedback to improve your performance during a rescue, critical to saving lives

Item Code: 992-21400010101011010

Pack/UOM: EA (1EA/EA)

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Zoll® AED Plus® Defibrillator Accessories

Zoll Aed Plus Defibrillator Accessories Standard Metal Wall Cabinet

Available on short notice

Plenty of accessories including, but not limited to additional electrodes, extra batteries, trainer AC adapter and more

Item Code: 992-8000-0855

Pack/UOM: EA (1EA/EA)

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