Chaos Safety & Industrial Supplies has provided various maintenance repair & operations (MRO) products to the U.S. market since 1994. We initially specialized in the Chemical Handling and Occupational Safety market with an extensive knowledge base of working with hazardous chemicals. We understand and respect that our customers work in hazardous environments, storing chemicals onsite and handling chemical spills.  We have several people on staff that are HAZWOPER certified and are well versed  in many areas of working with chemicals.  After 911, Chaos Supplies played an intricate role in aiding government agencies with the purchase of supplies for preparation of Weapons of Mass destruction (W.M.D.) and Emergency Domestic Preparedness.

Languages Spoken: French, Vietnamese, Spanish

Geographic Scope:   Import and export internationally.

Training and Certifications: Fall protection, Chemical Handling, Heat Stress, Skin Cancer and Eye Protection.

Special Services: Blending of chemicals, prototype design, Industrial sewing and fabrication, custom prescription safety eyewear programs for small and large corporations, silk screening and custom logos.

Industries Served: Local and National

       • Semiconductor/Chip Manufacturing
       • Utility/ Electrical Hvac
       • Welding Fabrication
       • Retail/Department Store
       • Law Enforcement/Prison
       • Landscaping/Tree trimming
       • Construction/Manufacturing/ General contracting
       • Automobile Manufacturing/ Pharmaceutical
       • Ejection seat /Airbag manufacturing
       • Facility Maintenance/Janitorial
       • Painting/Powder Coating
       • Nuclear Power Plants/Solar
       • Military and Government Department of Defense
       • Department of Transportation
       • Warehousing/Logistics


Chaos Safety Supplies branched out in 2001 to become a full service vendor for supplies that would be needed to construct, build and maintain a structure. Strategic shipping and warehousing alliances were arranged from twenty one geographic locations with various manufacturers from the East Coast to the West coast. This partnership arrangement allowed for strategic alliances with several of Fortune 500 companies. Shipping costs and delivery times were significantly cut in half.

The new E-commerce/ Web store with 74,000 items and counting has allowed Chaos to continue to grow its customer base both nationally and internationally.  Companies with multiple locations nationwide can leverage their purchasing volume through the site for considerable discounts and consistent service from 21 shipping points.

The Future: As a certified Women and minority owned business since 1994,  we look forward to submitting our paperwork in the near future for 8A certification allowing  Chaos Supplies to entertain GSA contracts and serve various Federal Government institutions. We also plan to patent some of the custom designed products we developed and investigate the potential for Franchising rights.

I feel confident that our twenty years of knowledge and experience in various industries, both nationally and internationally will benefit your organization. I look forward to offering every company and individual customer the very best service and products they can get for the money!


Rich Thomas
V.P. Sales